About me

Giuseppe Dell'Orto was born in 1968 in Seregno, hearth of Brianza furniture , in a family of furniture artisans.
Politecnico University in Milan where he graduated in 1998.
He worked for some years at the well known Luciano Grugni architecture studio in Milan.
Practicing furniture at his family firm (EGE Dell'Orto arredamenti) gave him deep knowledge about furniture design. He started to work for several furniture firms, he has designed handles for Entra, laminated plastic surfaces for Gruppo Frati and planned living area for Tiquattro, complements seating area for Artnova, becoming art director of the group Smarthome Milano Interiors.
In 2001 he opened his own studio-showroom CASA&STUDIO dealing with interior design and product design, he is interested in any aspects of the project, his work goes from interior design of private houses to trade fairs organization, from restorations to new buildings,he specializes in fashion stores and showrooms planning.
His career has been improved by the meeting with the stylist Carlo Pignatelli for whom he designed boutique and showrooms in Milan.